Scientology and the Substantive Definition of Religion

Scientology and the Comparative Definition of Religion

Scientology and the Functional Definition of Religion

Scientology and the Analytical Definition of Religion

Sharing a Body of Doctrine

Participation in Rituals and Acts of Devotion

Direct Experience of Ultimate Reality

Religious Knowledge

Consequences in Quotidian Life

Scientology and the Emic Definitions of Religions


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“It is not for nothing, then, that Scientology has been described as realizing man’s most basic hope for spiritual freedom – by stripping away the accumulated impediments of the ages and returning to our native state, with all the abilities that are inherently ours.” (The Scientology Handbook, page 23.)

A publication of the Church describes in the following manner the results that can be obtained by reaching the ultimate level of Operating Thetan:

“These truths are essential for your survival as an Operating Thetan and your ability to reach total spiritual freedom. Your concepts of time, future and past, will change repeatedly and you will experience an incomparable and new level of stability and awareness that will stay with you this life and in future lives.” (Source Magazine 99:21)

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