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In this respect it can be observed that Scientology also propounds answers to human suffering by giving an explanation. The doctrine of Scientology expounds particularly in describing the reasons for suffering. According to this doctrine the individual is basically good and happy and the reasons for suffering are found in the “reactive mind” which is clearly differentiated from the analytical mind and is made up of “engrams.” In The Dynamics of Life, the founder L. Ron Hubbard states:

“Man is not a reactive animal. He is capable of self-determinism. He has willpower. He ordinarily has high analytical ability. He is rational and he is happy and integrated only when he is his own basic personality. The most desirable state in an individual is complete self-determinism. ...

“The reactive mind consists of a collection of experiences received during an unanalytical moment which contain pain and actual or conceived antagonism to the survival of the individual. ... When injury or illness supplants the analytical mind producing what is commonly known as ‘unconsciousness,’ and when physical pain and antagonisms to the survival of the organism are present, an engram is received by the individual. ... By stripping the reactive mind of its past painful content the analytical mind may be placed in complete command of the organism. The moment a man or a group becomes possessed of this ability, it becomes possessed of self-determinism. So long as these possess reactive minds, irrationalities will persist.” (Hubbard 1990:31-32)

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